Christmas of 2006 didn’t feel real.  I was going through the motions and checking gifts off my list, but there was no magic in the air and I didn’t feel the usual “goodwill” toward others.  I was missing my Mom this Christmas, having lost her to pancreatic cancer in July.  The Christmas tree was out in the front porch instead of our living room so we would have more room for guests.  It was usually the focal point of our holiday, but this year it was removed from the festivities and so was I.

After Christmas, I walked through aisles and aisles of orphaned ornaments which hadn’t sold.  The tree branches loomed with huge felt-made footballs in the Minnesota Vikings colors, glittery fragile sugarplums, and several Santas, tropical ones and those drinking Diet Coke. It just didn’t feel like the real thing.


Sheila Gales Biernat

Usually I think these ornaments are fun and have some myself.  But this year I wanted there to be more…more  meaning.  Why weren’t there ornaments to share the stories of our loved ones?  Wasn’t there a better way to treasure this time of year?  Wasn’t Christmas about our relationships with our faith, the Holy Family, and each other?  Wasn’t the essence of life about the love we shared with others? Wasn’t love eternal? Couldn’t we somehow make this aspect part of our celebration, too?

After Christmas, still feeling glum, I took the ornaments off my tree at home.  While I held several versions of my son’s “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments, I could not recall who they were from or why they were significant.  And the Hallmark ornaments ages 2-5 from Grandma Sophie would someday be abandoned, because even though I explained to my son about how his grandmother had carefully selected them with him in mind, they were lacking a personal story and the sentiment she wanted to share.

Pat K. - Artistic Designs

Pat Krosschell, Artist


These feelings led to the birth of Lifetree Legacy Lockets–personalized locket ornaments that tell each life story more completely, and celebrate the relationships of the special people who made Christmas real and those who still make everyday life worth living.

The first line of Lifetree Legacy is intentionally spiritual and dedicated to God, through whom all goodness flows, without whom I would not have had the faith or perseverance to make this happen.

I believe it was Mother Teresa who said “do small things with great love.” I hope these small treasures will allow you to keep close those you love most as you begin your heirloom collection of Lifetree Legacy Lockets.

With gratitude,