Lifetree Legacy is a new collection of locket ornaments that personally tell the stories of those you love, one memory at a time. At Lifetree, we treasure relationships and understand love to be eternal. Whether it is for yourself or a gift, it is easy to start your own “Lifetree.” With your photo and text, we handcraft a one-of-a-kind heirloom.

Instead of a generic “Baby’s First Christmas,” give a personalized locket which will narrate the story of this milestone in words and picture. Witness the joy and wonder in the eyes of adults and children alike as they open their locket and see their personal story unfold.

Use this sacred time to thoughtfully plan what stories you will share with others next year as you add the special dimension of personal relationships to your tree.

Whether it’s a birth or adoption, a baptism or communion, a confirmation or wedding, begin your heirloom collection today. It will be one you will treasure for generations to come. There is also an elegant memorial locket to honor your favorite people and pets.

Lifetree Legacy Lockets are quality crafted in the USA and weigh 3.6 ounces. Measuring 3.5” x 2.5” x .75,” the locket fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Lockets are available in bright brass and crisp chrome and color themes are burgundy/gold or purple/silver. Some lockets come with Swarovski elements.

Displaying a Lifetree Legacy Locket:  After you receive your locket, bring it to life by displaying it in a place of honor. It might be on an ornament tree where you can enjoy it all year. Or save it for special holidays or times when you want to reminisce. The choice is yours.

Display individually or in a group. You can literally start a family tree with a locket for each member of your family, or honor life events with a locket for each milestone.  Certain to be a conversation piece, it is a unique gift for family and friends.



I was looking for a unique way to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and the Lifetree Legacy Locket made our anniversary that much more special. It now sits on our bookcase in the living room with the vase we received for our wedding with the wedding date etched into the pottery vase with flowers. The cards we received are flanking both pieces and it's a daily reminder of the many ways we've grown over these past 10 years, and brings a smile to me every time I look at it.

Gary G., Florence, Montana
My father was admitted to hospice on the day of my parents’ 66th wedding anniversary and he died 4 days later.  This year on the 67th anniversary of their wedding, my brothers and I gave our mother the legacy locket containing a photo from their wedding, a photo taken 50 years later and a small message.   My mother loved the locket,  has it displayed in her living room, and I cannot think of a better gift to honor the many years of commitment my parents had for each other.
Alice M., St. Paul, Minnesota
This ornament reminds both my husband and me of our first year of marriage. Brian surprised me with my best gift ever—the cutest kitten I'd ever seen. 25 years later, I'm still touched by Brian's gift. This Lifetree Locket gave me opportunity to thank Brian as well as remember Emily. Below is a “proof” customers will receive and okay before the Lifetree Legacy Locket is hand crafted.   mim    
Mim B., NE Minneapolis
The  "Eternal Life" memorial locket arrived today (my mother's birthday!).  Perfect timing!  The locket is lovely and arrived perfectly, wrapped in tissue with care and in the beautiful velvet pouch.  It will be a family heirloom and a treasure always. I will keep your lockets in mind to commemorate future milestones in my family, and spread the word about your business.  It is obvious you put much love into these creations!
Sandra J., Champlin, Minnesota